Marco Buticchi 


Marco Buticchi was fittingly born in La Spezia, Italy, in the region that is known as "I golfo dei Poeti" or "the bay or poets".  He currently resides in the Ligurian coastal town of Lerici, in the province of La Spezia where he lives with his wife, Consuelo and their two daughters. After obtaining a Doctorate in Business and Commerce at the prestigious University of Bologna in 1982, he then worked as an international oil trader. This profession required Marco to travel extensively throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the United States for many years, and he also speaks fluent English and French.

"On first sight, he could easily slip into the part of James Bond." Michele Mancino of Varese Web comments, as he gives us a rare insight of this famous author. When the journalist asked Marco how he started writing, he replied; "I have been writing since childhood and historical periods, in particular, has always intrigued me. There are strange coincedenes of dates, facts and names that I find mystifying. If you study history through today’s modern technologies, you can discover many surprising things. I started by publishing my first two books at my expense and my wife and I supplied our local books stores with copies of my first novels. The books were immediately sold out and I started work on my next novel, Moonstones."

Marco subsequently sent his manuscript of Moonstones to the major publishing houses in Italy and was immediately contacted by the legendary Mario Spagnol of the prominent Longanesi & Co. "One day, I received a phone call; it was a man who claimed to be Mario Spagnol. As I was getting used to receiving prank calls from my friends and I was convinced this was surely just another joke. But, after a few minutes, I realized it was truly Mr. Spagnol and he informed me that not only was he interested in publishing my novel, but would include me in their ‘Master’s of Adventure’ series alongside Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, Desmond Bagley and Patrick O’Brian. I was stunned as I realized my dream was becoming reality!" Longanesi published his first novel, Moonstones, in 1997, with their logo blazing on its’ cover. It was an instant success and sold 150,000 copies in Italy alone! By 1998, Marco had conquered and created a devoted public with his second novel, Menorah. Once again, a Buticchi novel has soared to the number one on the Bestsellers list, this time, above such famous authors as John Girsham and Michael Crichton. Marco’s latest novel, Prophecy, was released in March 2000 and the hardcover version is already in its’ third edition. 100,000 mass-market copies were sold out in just months and established him as the number one adventure writer inhis country.

Marco success can be partly attributed to the reoccurring heroine included in all of his novels, Dr. Sara Terracini, becomes involved with actual historical events as she solves mysteries in her scientific laboratory, with the help of her influential friend, Oswald Breil; once the head of the Mossad and currently the Israel’s Vice-Minister of Defense. His storylines beautifully blend legend and fact. He weaves together modern science and technology, espionage, and documented historical periods spanning over the last two millenniums and as his stories and mysteries unfold, and the reader is always left wanting more.

He is the first and only Italian author included in the prestigious ‘Masters of Adventure Series’ beside Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, Desmond Bagley and Patrick O’Brian. His novels have also been translated and published in Germany by Piper and in Spanish by Salamandra.

All of Marco’s novels are constantly in re-print in Italy which is why the Italian media and his readers have been quick to name him their Wilbur Smith and Ken Follett, as demonstrated by the fact that he has already sold over 500,000 books in Italy alone...