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October 13, 1307: In France, a vicious inquisition condemns thousands of men to prison and torture at the stake. These men are members of the Knights Templar, a powerful group of warrior monks. The same day,
17 ships belonging to the monks leave the French harbor of La Rochelle and vanish without a trace. What secrets do the monks possess? How did they acquire their immense wealth?
July 16, 1918: In Ekaterinburg, Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their five children are violently slain by the Bolshevik rebels who have overtaken Russia.
Where is the Imperial family’s vast fortune? Is there a link between the events of 1307 and the horror of 1918? Does the Imperial family’s missing treasure somehow have a connection to the tragedies that befell the Knights Templar in the fourteenth century?
May 13, 1981: In Rome, at Saint Peter’s Square, Pope John Paul II sustains serious gunshot wounds when fired at by a Turkish terrorist, whose motive in the attempted murder has never been completely understood.
What connects the attempt on the Pope’s life with the ancient order of the Knights Templar and with the third vision of the children of Fátima in 1917?
Summer 1999: The largest and most luxurious cruise ship in the world, The Queen of Atlantis, begins a voyage to visit the most famous harbors on earth.
In Venice, four American friends board the ship and are soon joined by the medieval scholar Gerardo di Valnure, who counts many Knights Templar among his ancestors. A powerful Russian arms dealer, Josif Drostin, has also boarded the ship.
To discover answers to the secrets swirling among those aboard ship, Oswald Breil, the former head of the Mossad and currently Israel’s Vice-Minister of Defense, intervenes with the collaboration of the ingenious scientist, Sara Terracini. But even the intelligence service in Tel Aviv ignores the sect whose fanatical members are prepared to make any sacrifice to further their cause: to destroy the world, then rebuild on the ashes
just as Knights Templar who survived persecution so long ago had pledged to do.

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